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Summer workwear-Use Layers
This also applies to travelling in warm weather, and if you do it wisely you can add to or do away with layers as required during the day.  For instance, someone may often wear just a cotton t-shirt and trousers or a skirt to work. You could layer this up with jackets, cardigans, scarves, waistcoats etc.

When at work, it’s good have the option to dress up more formally if need be.This could be adding a suit jacket or blazer and a decent pair of shoes.  For extra comfort, try and keep a suit jacket and footwear at the office so you won’t need to drag them around the city, especially on those hot days.

– Select your fabrics intelligently. 
Natural fibres such as linen, silk and cotton are going to be far better in the summer than polyester or other man-made textiles.  For the most part, if you have to be outside for a job-related occasion, a linen or light-coloured suit is going to be many times more comfy than a black, polyester blazer. 

Here are some of our best do’s, don’t and maybe’s for dressing for work in the summer:

Usually not a good idea for summer work wear
•    Shorts – even in summer, these will be too casual.
•    Cleavage of any variety.  If at some time, you notice in the day that your bra is showing, then you’ll need to don a more work appropriate top.   
•    Off-season materials and products like heavy tweed, boucle knit wear, thick wool trousers etc. as you will overheat.
•    Totally crinkled clothes (it may be challenging, especially linen, but try not to make it look like you wrapped it up, stuffed it into a suitcase, and then chose to put it on).
•    Short skirts: there is a range here. However, for business, it should really be as close to your knee as possible.
•    Sandals of any sort (or in other words, shoes that bare at least three toes per foot) in more corporate settings.
•    Any kind of top that fails miserably at hiding your bra straps (or necessitates you wearing a strapless bra).
•    Tights are probably not necessary in the summer, so bare legs should suffice – just watch the length of the skirt where appropriate.

Most likely ok, excluding the most traditional of places, but identify your office and your circumstances
•    Peep toe pumps (a bit of toe exposed).
•    Bare arms, such as a sheath dress or presentable top with bra straps completely concealed.
•    Cropped trousers — in just a matter of a few years, they’ve gone from being rare (and some thought even inappropriate for work) to commonplace in the office. It is true that times move fast in the fashion world, and of people’s perceptions of what represents appropriate fashion.

Ok to wear in all places
•    Blouses, tops, sleeveless dresses, and t-shirts all worn with a cardigan or a jacket/blazer.
•    Dresses that are sleeved, or for very hot days, tops, t-shirts and blouses, worn by themselves

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