Adidas Through The Years: A Quick Look

admin February 29, 2016

The preferred choice of sportswear for professionals and athletes around the world, Adidas has come a long way from its humble origins in the 1920s. Est Casuals recently came out with an infographic, which shares some interesting facts and nuggets from the evolution of this global brand over the years. For example, did you know that the iconic diagonal three-stripes logo is used exclusively for the performance… read the rest of “Adidas Through The Years: A Quick Look”

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Things to consider when buying uniforms/work wear for the year ahead

admin January 11, 2016

WorkwearFrom an estimate, more than half of the UK’s workers wear some kind of corporate or company-provided work clothing. For a few companies, for instance, British Airways, the yearly uniform bill is very large, between £4-5 million per year.

A uniform is something that is very common in sectors like airlines, railways… read the rest of “Things to consider when buying uniforms/work wear for the year ahead”

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Top 10 UK companies and their uniforms

admin November 30, 2015

1.    TGI Fridays is an American restaurant chain concentrating on mostly casual dining. The first T.G.I. Friday's restaurant was opened by Alan Stillman in New York in 1965. The red and white stripes are the hallmark of this brand and are still seen on the uniform of the staff, predominantly on the ties or neck scarves.

2.    Sytner Group signifies twenty… read the rest of “Top 10 UK companies and their uniforms”

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What are Safety Shoes & Boots and Who Needs Them?

admin November 26, 2015

Safety Footwear can be assorted into a number of classifications, which we discuss below:

Safety BootsStandard Safety Boots
These are complete safety boots that comply with EU safety requirements and incorporate a range of safety qualities such as having steel toe-caps, steel midsoles, shock absorber heels etc. This diversity is appropriate for several… read the rest of “What are Safety Shoes & Boots and Who Needs Them?”

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College and Varsity Jackets – A brief history

admin October 5, 2015

Varsity Jackets – A style icon

To AmericanVarsity Jacketss, no jacket has been more important in their culture than the varsity jacket. Still today, they are popular worldwide, regardless of the weather and temperature. There are different kinds of varsity jacket available these days, but why the continued love affair with this iconic style… read the rest of “College and Varsity Jackets - A brief history”

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Branded Sportswear – What’s available?

admin September 21, 2015

Embroidered SportswearEmbroidered Sportswear

Sportswear for games and other competitive activities is a brilliant way of both lifting team morale and unifying a team together.
If you are a competitive sportsperson during your spare time, you’ll appreciate the significance of bonding as a group and having a positive feeling. Sportswear can help to bring… read the rest of “Branded Sportswear - What's available?”

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Buying uniforms in bulk – the advantages

admin September 2, 2015

Uniform SuppliersYou may never have thought about buying your uniforms in bulk, preferring perhaps to buy as many as you need at any particular moment in time. This is fine for some, but lots of people choose the bulk-buying option due to several key factors and benefits. Whether you require multi-packs of trousers, fleeces, sweatshirts, polo shirts or… read the rest of “Buying uniforms in bulk – the advantages”

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Women’s Workwear – What’s Available?

admin June 14, 2015

Womens WorkwearClothing is an important decision to make you feel safe in your own skin, especially in the work place. Many women find it difficult to choose the right kind of workwear. Increasingly today, shops carry their own styles and trends and clothing ranges are updated constantly to attract customers and grow the industry. Women's workwear clothing is often… read the rest of “Women’s Workwear – What’s Available?”

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