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Putting on the same outfit to work on daily basis may not seem like fun, but it is an upward trend in the midst of several women who wish to avoid disruptions and become more accomplished at the office. It is a struggle several women understand well: What to put on to work today?

However, one woman has discovered ways to totally opt out of the question.

For four years, Matilda Kahl has put on the same black trousers and white shirt combo whilst working as an art director at Saatchi & Saatchi. And now, she can’t think of another way to dress for work. 

"I did it because I realised the energy and time I could save in my workdays just by simply taking out the aspect of outfits," stated by Kahl in a May interview with CNBC. Her preference was to concentrate on her innovative energies at work, rather than in getting ready for work.

Due to the fact that women spend lots on clothes, Kahl's unusual idea is one that could make retailers break into a sweat if other females follow her lead.

Kathryn Brown is another person ready to carry the torch. She works in a technology industry in Portland, Oregon. She puts on body-fitted jeans, white shirt, and a scarf regularly to work to save time in the morning.

"I implemented it a few years ago," she said. "It was becoming difficult for me to coordinate, so I sold or gave away all my fussy clothes. But as a lady in technology, I still desire to be womanly," added Brown. "I don’t wish to be the usual hoodie-wearing coder." She stated that the scarf adds elegance and permits her to change the look when she desires.

Brown and Kahl certainly are not alone in their longing to eliminate fashion from their everyday work. Amy Zinck informed that she has been putting on a black trouser-suit to work for over 15 years.

"Women of today manage a lot more, compared to earlier times," said Zinck. "This is not about a lack of care in your appearance. It’s about not spending as much of your time reaching that appearance. Therefore, whenever you create your personal style as regards to finding a uniform, you are saving your most precious asset: time."

The idea of the "work uniform" has been taking off recently, as more and more women like those mentioned share the stories behind their go-to clothes. 

Elizabeth Holmes, an industrialist and founder of the health care technology company Theranos, is regularly snapped in her brand black turtleneck. J. Crew's skinny trousers, as well as the high heels of Jenna Lyon have virtually become their signature.

"I'm a follower of the work uniform and am a firm believer that the minor decisions are the ones that can eat us alive," says professional Samantha Ettus, who is proficient in work-life balance training. “It will be hard to hit the ground running if you have a challenging morning. Whatever contributes to your self-confidence and makes your morning have simpler routines is a huge bonus."

Women who have implemented a work uniform — wearing a similar or identical outfit on a regular basis does not only save more time in the mornings, but also helps them to perform better at work, as they spend less time bothering over what they will wear.

It is a custom that has worked very well for men. Consider Mark Zuckerberg's T-shirts and hoodies, Steve Jobs' turtlenecks, Johnny Cash always in black and even those who put on the same suits on a regular basis to the office.

Wearing a particular thing over and over has its drawbacks though, as you could simply get bored, and co-workers might begin to wonder if you haven’t visited your home to change in a while. To put away office gossip, you will have to have to own your personal look and be seen as confident in it – to wear it proudly.

•    Making your personal work uniform

Find out what looks perfect on your body. 
Take note of what regularly complements people. Should there be a particular dress you put on, it is most likely not the dress, but its look on you as a person and your figure. Take a fashion-savvy friend to go shopping with you, or enquire from the stylists at the shop – perhaps your signature look is a blouse and trousers, or a shift dress.

Buy in bulk. 
As soon as you discover your style, purchase several items. A few individuals might wish to stick with a specific colour or neutrals. However, you can have a one-style uniform in different patterns and colours. You can ask the shop manager about price cuts.

Embrace layers. 
To make a year-round work uniform, add a blazer or sweater over your blouse in the winter. For dresses, you can add tights whenever it gets cold and look for a similar silhouette in heavier fabrics. For example, you could alternate between a white blouse, white tank top and white button-up as the seasons change, therefore your ‘look’ is still the same, yet stays perfect for all weathers.

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