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Casual WorkwearThe trend in the evolution of casual attire in the work place from an experiment into a common dress code is traced back to the early 90’s. In the year 1992, the adoption in the practice of casual days by companies was about 24%. However, the percentage of companies offering casual days increased to about 95% in the year 1999. Presently, casual dress code are been given to employees who don’t interact with affiliate partners or vendors by almost 90 percent of companies. Casual workwear is now allowed by one-third of companies every day. 


•    Types of casual workwear
With this upward trend in casual clothes in the work place, the types available have increased too. It is now much easier to acquire the right kind of casual attire to suit the job in hand. The variety is huge and caters for all ages, sizes and for men and women. 

Some examples of casual work clothes are: 
Hoodies – versatile for a range of cold weather outdoor work.
Sweatshirts – similar to hoodies, a sweatshirt is great to keeping warm and comfortable.
Fleeces – Zipped fleeces are a good barrier against harsh conditions.
Shorts – In hotter months, shorts for men and women are available to keep cool.
Action Trousers – A more practical and hard wearing alternative to smart trousers, these have side pockets for multiple uses.
Bodywarmers – Another great addition to cold weather work.

These types of casual workwear are not only more comfortable options for workers, but they can also be branded and embroidered with logos and slogans of your choice. This personalises the workwear and makes the brand reach across the company.

•    Casual work clothes and productivity
The work place has experienced a cultural shift which comes as a result of lenient dress codes. The fear now is whether casual dress has an effect on productivity or not. As of October 2013, there was no information on research to show whether or not productivity is being impacted. However, there exist studies that weigh the views and opinion of managers, executive and employees. A survey was carried out on about 9,000 companies and above by executive search firm FPC which revealed that 60 percent of directors and managers share common interest on casual dress believing that any attempt to revert to the old business attire will be a drawback. 
Another interesting result came from entry/mid-level employees who were on the notion that casual work attire has negative effect on productivity. While few industries kicked against casual workplace; 54 percent of biomedical employees, 59 percent of chemical employees and 64 percent of pharmaceutical employees were on the side of corporate attire.

•    Critics of casual work clothes
Managers who argue against casual dress code relate their concerns to the behaviour and performance of their employees. These managers claim that absenteeism and tardiness increased, which they said is as a result of policy changes that allows casual work clothes. Another point raised by them was the lack of commitment to duties as well as production of platform for sloppy work and also the reduction in the quality of work as employees seem less enthusiastic. 
These groups of managers concluded that the casual attire also affects the advancement in the career of the employees. Increased distractions from cloths worn by co-workers are another complaint laid by employees who kicked against casual attire. The inability to separate from work anxiety which is caused by casual clothing they said is one of the psychological impacts. Some come up with ideas like taking showers on arriving home from work or changing into gym clothes.

•    Supporters of casual work clothes
Those in support of casual workwear claims that its benefits are more compared to the negative claims attached to it and that it has positive impact on productivity. They also claim that 57 percent felt focus with huge sense of performance, 81 percent increase in morale, another 57 percent felt a sense of good relationship with their managers, 51 percent claim it saves on clothing expenses, 43 percent claimed their bosses were more approachable while another 5 percent said they performed better. Reduction in anxiety and level of stress is another claim made by this proponents and they concluded by saying that it benefits the entire working atmosphere.

•    Work attire for industry & trade professionals
Companies are trying to create conducive working atmosphere for their employees as well as increase productivity. There is a change in the climate of the modern day work whether casual dress code, telecommuting or it's offering flexible work schedules. An employee who doesn’t have an option of what to wear will mark this topic as irrelevant. However, employees that work in the industrial and trade sector wear clothes that are functional and ensures safety or uniforms. 
For such employees, it’s important to find the right place to order for quality work-wears.  It should be convenient to shop for all kinds of item, taking into account the weather including rugged terrain which is also put into consideration. Item such as footwear, overalls, jacket, headgear, trousers, gloves etc., are found there.

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