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Retro LogosWith the continuous advancement in the digital world, it is obvious that there is still a longing to look back. Several design trends have come and gone, yet there is one that has left a mark and as such, could be here to stay. It is the retro and vintage style. 

The appearance of vintage logo badges has been on the increase for the past couple of years. Whether you are looking for a minimal feel, or enjoy a style from a bygone era, customers really love this trend. It can be easily stamped on all sorts of branding; it is a flexible way to give designs a simple and stylish flair. Bold lettering, bottle cap edges and intricate details spearhead this design. However the problem lies in the way the logo badge is filled to make it distinct.

This distinction is especially prominent in up and coming hospitality brands. Successful businesses do not want to miss out on popular trends and many have produced subtle changes to their logos to give them a fresher, minimalised and more retro feel. The effect is to appear to be a ‘cooler’ brand and one that is not stuck in the past. Of course, this is ironic, given the nature of the retro badge, but is indicative of the cyclic nature of trends. 
Luckily, ground-breaking technology has actually played a vital role in keeping this design trend fresh; this is as a result of the increase in iphone applications such as hipstamatic, along with Instagram too. You need not be an expert photographer to take amazing images with a careful retro and vintage touch. The reputation and demand for faux vintage photography has helped to normalise this trend in the present community.

Print promotions have likewise been an integral part in stabilising this trend, and lots of companies have been greatly influenced from the print promotions of the past.  The obsolete cassette players, cars and milk bottles remind us of a time when things were not so fast paced and busy as they are presently. The longing value of vintage print ads is priceless.  Using this style in logo design exports viewers back and reminds them that what has been old is now new once again. An emotional attachment is produced that incorporates an element of trust to your brand.
Though it seems several people are making use of this present trend, there still exists several easy ways that you can make your own logo design stand out. By mixing your vintage theme with the modern effects, you will produce an edgy feel and instantly catch the eyes of the beholder. Experiment with typography and colour, as there are several free resources available that can assist you.

Remember that retro and vintage logo designs generally contain the following attributes:
•    Soft pastel colours and beige tones;
•    The logo design is generally animated;
•    Dated technology, clothing is often represented in some form
•    Block textures

Both retro and vintage logo designs possess an old withered look, produced by torn paper or a stained background as well as peel effects. This is among the most familiar and iconic features.

Now you have the logo, now it's time to brand your uniforms. Contact us for further information on embriodered workwear.


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