Things to consider when buying uniforms/work wear for the year ahead

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WorkwearFrom an estimate, more than half of the UK’s workers wear some kind of corporate or company-provided work clothing. For a few companies, for instance, British Airways, the yearly uniform bill is very large, between £4-5 million per year.

A uniform is something that is very common in sectors like airlines, railways, the utilities, and the Royal Mail particularly in positions where it is required to identify workers and invest them with authority.

Other trades have required unique uniforms, often with protective features, though not essentially at the employer’s cost. For instance, in the catering trade, it has been customary for staff to provide their own chefs’ outfits among others.

Conversely, responsibility for providing and maintaining the needed personal protective gear now falls on the employer


 • Corporate image

The uniform must have a clear indication of the type of message that the business is expected to deliver. Regrettably, there will often be several messages, some being contradictory. For instance, an organisation will normally desire to put across an image of professionalism, competence and efficiency, which might suggest a reasonably formal style. However, this may clash with a desire to engage with younger clients, where a more casual approach might be preferred

. • Safety considerations

Safety precautions possess two aspects: the safety of the wearer, and the reliability or safety of the products and procedures that the wearer is employed.

• Individual safety

The design of the clothing that is likely to be worn by any worker whose work takes him or her close to machinery, particularly rotating equipment, should get rid of any trailing or loose elements that could get caught up. Skirts must not flow excessively, Cuffs must be tightened, and accessories like scarves must not be used. If need be, for workers with long hair to move near machinery, helmets need to be provided for both males and females. Furthermore, care must be given to the position and design of turn ups, pockets, reversed cuffs and others to make sure they do not catch on switches and other projections. Visibility should be handled seriously for employees working outdoors in the dark. In such scenarios, significant areas of lighter colour should be introduced in the design. Clothing must be customised to enable wearers to carry out their tasks securely- to lift, stretch, and bend among others. Ill-designed or restricting clothing may encourage workers to behave harmfully – tight and/short skirts may possess this consequence. Any clothing that is easy to be caught by the wind can both be hazardous and embarrassing.

• Product and procedure safety The job of the work wear is to regularly protect the environment from the wearer as well as the wearer from his or her environment.

• Examples include: In the food manufacturing and retailing industries, clothing should be customised to prevent hair from being in contact with food. Pockets should be designed to stop their contents from mistakenly falling out, leading to contamination. Not only can uniforms help present a strong, organised company image, but they can likewise make it easier for clients to recognise workers at a glimpse. This is particularly vital in customer service oriented businesses like airlines, retail shops, restaurants and coffee shops. When deciding on uniforms, it is easy to get caught up in factors of style and colour, whilst forgetting the most significant function.

First, your company’s work wear should be comfortable to wear and able to stand up to the rigours of the job they will be used for. For instance, if you are purchasing uniforms for food servers, you need to ensure they are loose to allow free arm movement, however not too loose that they get into food. Also, they need to be stain resistant. You need to consider how the uniforms will be used prior to deciding which ones to select.

The second most vital factor to consider when deciding on a befitting uniform for your organisation is colour. The colours of the uniforms must strongly align with your brand’s colour. For instance, should your company logo be primarily orange, your uniforms must also be primarily orange.

The final step in deciding on the best uniforms for your business is adding your logo. Decide whether you wish to have your logo screen embroidered or printed on the uniforms. Generally, embroidery is an excellent choice for smaller logo design, while larger designs are better suitable for screen printing. Selecting the appropriate uniforms can assist you present your company in the best way possible.

By ensuring that the uniforms are well-designed, colour-coordinated with your business, and correctly branded, you can present a strong, organised image that assists your company stand out from the crowd.

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