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As far as protective clothing is concerned, every New Year comes with a wide range of improvements and innovations. The top 5 trends below will guide the safety works clothing industry in 2017.



On a regular basis, new technologies are being developed to enhance the comfort of protective wears. This New Year, look out for vented styles, lighter-weight fabrics, moisture-wicking properties, as well as other special features for improved mobility.


Several job environments present quite a number of safety hazards at once, leading to a need for clothing that offers multiple hazard protection. Work wears that give a mix of high visibility and protection, plus clothing that add flame resistance with chemical-splash protection are more likely to increase in popularity in the year 2017. This drift applies also to industrial clothing that offers simultaneous safety against arc flash, flash fire and molten metal splash.


With the increasing number of women in industry and engineering professions, the year 2017 is more likely to usher in an even greater assortment in clothing styles specifically designed for women. These will provide improved comfort, a better fit, and maximise protection and functionality.


An increased focus on protective regulations, likely results in the demand for top quality products. This includes work wear that ultimately offers better durability, and is produced by trusted manufacturers using materials from highly regarded suppliers and offers guaranteed safety for each garment.


Employees are more likely to wear their clothing compliantly, provided they like the way it fits and looks. As off-the-job clothing styles keep evolving, it is important for manufacturers to update their product lines to continue providing newer, more contemporary options.


  • A few things to consider as you check out your corporate employee work wear trends for 2017:

Colours: Do you prefer “earth” tones or something more flashy? Colours shift over the years – with the 1970s being the period of the Avocado green, and the 2000s being a period of a more “flashy” look. Research your industry and be different.  If your company is into earth colours, look at work wears that are different: reds, metallic, blues…  Be unique!

Consistency: Are your workers' uniforms regular? Does the “front of the house” team look just like “back of the house”? At times, it can work nicely for the waitress or waiter to look one way, and the reception staff to look another way – as long as they harmonise. However, you must “have a plan” against just “allowing things to happen.” There must be a consistent message and theme being displayed, or else customers will be confused and your business won’t have a strong enough identity.

Fabrics: It is possible to be natural 100% – for instance, all cotton or you can add Spandex or even the new blends of polyester. Another thing is the feel and look of your office, restaurant, bar or other establishment. You can use an “earth tone” when using cotton, or for a man-made tone, consider polyester or Spandex. The most exciting thing when it comes to workers uniforms is that there is not a “wrong” answer or a “perfect” answer … there is only your answer, which is personal to you and the needs of your business.

Other concepts: Failing to plan is planning to fail. This is a good thing to always consider as the New Year turns. You can either pro-actively consider the brand image that you want your workers and their workwear to project or you allow it to happen by being passive. Either way, you are making a choice.

Protect and Promote the Brand

For instance, consider a restaurant and its need for uniforms.  Of a truth, it matters greatly that the food be outstanding. This goes for a fancy high-end restaurant or a cheap eatery. However, presentation matters a lot. How is the food presented and by who? What exactly does the person look like?

Your workers uniforms are part of the restaurant’s ambiance.  The truly great companies come up with everything from how the workers appear (e.g., uniforms), how they relate with customers to the actual product. This goes likewise for a casino, a garage or hair transplant clinic – just like for a restaurant. The way the workers look sets the tone.


In conclusion, as we start 2017… it is an ideal time for you to become the trendsetter and not the trend follower.


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