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What to consider when purchasing uniforms for bars, restaurants & cafes

restaurant uniformsFirst impressions count and none more so than in the competitive arena of the bar and restaurant. This is why the right workwear and uniforms are imperative to maintaining the trust people have in a company. 
As a result, business owners should be looking to find uniquely wonderful restaurant uniforms. Due to the dynamic nature of the world, there is a need to provide classy uniforms for your bars and restaurants. 
There are numerous ways to provide your team with trendy wears that can be tailor-made to suit your own business. Uniform suppliers are meant to supply you with waiter uniforms, restaurant uniform shirts, aprons of varying colours (red, black, blue, white), chef’s jackets (short or long sleeve), tabards, skull caps, chef’s trousers and bar wear (bar shirt, bar blouse). 
We recommend that you make your team stand out by including neckwear, trousers and waiter vests. However, this depends on the style of uniform you are wearing it with. For example, a chef’s uniform can be versatile. You can order classic tailored jackets, or the newest fashion trends and other highly customised wears that will fit the theme of your location. 
There are many wonderful ranges of uniforms including pub uniforms, restaurant uniforms, café uniforms and bar or club uniforms. The ranges include shirts, t-shirts, tabards, skull caps, aprons and accessories. There are varieties of exciting uniforms designed to suit any location.    
There are certain factors to think through when choosing uniforms for your staff.
Fortunately, there are many online shops that can help you make the right decision on this, especially if it is for a uniform to wear at a particular event, such as an opening night. 
It's advisable to enquire from the designers on which uniform will best match a given event before you make any request. This will enable the designer to find out what you actually need. It also makes it possible for them to ascertain your budget and the deadline for the event. 
The following are some important factors that you need to ask yourself before delivering a brand new uniform for your staff.

What kind of location are you?
It shouldn’t matter if your business is a high market restaurant, family friendly café, casual pub, busy city bar or boutique hotel. Your uniform should reproduce the image of your business, the venue and the customers as well. Your staff's code of dressing will speak volumes for your business. The attractive appearance of your staff lights up the feelings of the guests, thereby making everyone excited. 

What look are you aiming for?
There are great varieties of uniforms available for different occasions and venues. You can assess online resources to get ideas on which uniform goes with a particular event. 

What are the colours of the interior?
The colour of your staff uniform should be appealing and fit harmoniously with your venue. It should be in unison with the colour of the interior design of the venue as well. 

What is the demographic of your staff?
Your staff have to look both smart and relaxed in their uniform. It's therefore important to go for workwear that will fit them perfectly. There is a wide range of sizes for all ages, so it really pays to take some time and research everyone’s specific size to make everything simple in the long run. The key is to talk with them personally about their requirements and let them have a say in their uniform, as it will give a boost to morale. 

Custom employee uniforms are a central way to branding your restaurant. Custom restaurant shirts and other workwear are also a practical part of running your business. Here are a few key tips for choosing custom bar and restaurant uniforms.

Factors for a Great Custom Uniform
•    It’s amazing to see your staff with a customised uniform. It signifies unity among the staff. It also makes them comfortable, confident and proud of themselves. If the uniform is not appealing to the eye, you will have less customer satisfaction because workwear can have a greater impact. 
Since everyone wants to look good and feel important, employees might decide to leave if your uniform is not comfortable or appealing enough. At the very least, they may not be as motivated or feel as attached to the company – leading to poorer work output. 
•    Ensure that every one of your staff wears the custom uniform. It builds confidence and morale within them. Make it a team effort. Ask your employees for input when selecting custom restaurant uniforms. Although everyone will not come to the same conclusions, it allows the employees to be involved. 
•    Select easy-care fabric. Most of your staff uniform should be made with materials that do not stain easily and at the same time are easy to wash. The uniform should be made with cotton/polyester blends which can be washed with ease. They need to be durable, and not fade easily.
•    Try to create a theme. The theme or decor gives a lasting impression on your bar or restaurant. The colour of your staff’s uniform should blend with the decor. However, the staff uniform should not be the same colour with the decor. They should dress on other colours that will suit the colour of the decor.  
•    Choose the best decoration option. Create a unique logo for your company to make it stand out. Embroidery is normally the most popular option for custom restaurant uniforms, such as polos and aprons, while printing is commonly used for t-shirts. 

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