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College UniformsThe new school year has just begun and with this, college students are eager to make the most of their new courses. For a great deal of vocational courses, this will involve practical, manual or technical work. Students aren’t expected to do these jobs in their own clothes, because firstly, they will likely not provide the required levels of safety and secondly, it doesn’t tie in with the real world. Colleges want students to really learn how it works and relates with the actual job, should the student go on to become a plumber, an engineer, a mechanic, a hair dresser or head chef.

Colleges usually let the students know what gear they are going to need at open days and then again on interview days. The college will order in the uniform and the student pays for it and begins wearing this for their practical sessions. Keeping them well maintained and clean is down to them however!

So what kinds of college uniforms are going to be required? Well, the list could run on into the thousands, because the variety of courses today is ostensibly endless. Some of the most popular are hairdressing and beauty therapy, mechanics courses, medical care, hospitality courses (incorporating kitchen, restaurant and bar jobs) and trade roles such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and construction workers.

To begin with, for the first year, the student will probably not need quite as much uniform. However, as the course progresses through years 2 and 3, they will usually need to tailor their workwear, adapt it and add to it, as the work becomes more in depth.

For a mechanics course, a student would need to acquire a boiler suit and some hard wearing boots to start with. For construction courses, a hard hat, steel toe-cap boots and hard wearing trousers would be essential. If working on a site, then they would need high-visibility jackets too.

Horticulture and farming courses would necessitate students to dress in warm and durable clothing, such as combat trousers, hoodie, fleece, hat and strong footwear, such as walking or toe-capped boots.

Hospitality courses offer a range of uniforms. Kitchen and catering students would need chef’s trousers, jacket and a kitchen hat too. For concierge, receptionist and waiting students, they would need tunics, and smart attire, such as dress, blouse or suit jacket and trousers.

Hair and beauty courses would require tunics too and comfortable fitting clothing underneath, whilst medical/biological courses may request white jackets, net hats, rubber shoes and possibly even disposable workwear including gloves, trousers and/or overalls.

For corporate courses, such as accountancy, law or banking, students would be advised to select smart dress, such as shirts, ties, trousers, blouses and suits.

Usually, the college will provide certain accessories to the course, such as gloves, safety goggles or disposable hair nets, and this will all be outlined early on to the students.

Going to college is an exciting time and provides a steep learning curve, but also a chance for students to feel like they are on the cusp of adulthood. Purchasing the right uniforms and workwear for their courses only serves to cement this feeling even more and will create a sense of pride in the young adult.

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