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Restaurant UniformsThe part restaurateurs play in the food service business is extremely wide ranging, with much to be considered. However, analysts maintain that there is probably yet another facet that is often overlooked. To reap the benefits of the focus on branding, restaurant uniforms can no longer be treated as merely an addition; rather it is about dressing for success.
In the majority of the cases, restaurant uniforms complete a lot of several other functions other than just being a uniform for workers.

Essentially, restaurant uniforms speak a lot about a restaurant, the workers and the chain. Additionally, the uniforms when put on by the employees do not only have an impact on customers and how they see the particular restaurant in question, they likewise affect the workers that wear them.


Restaurant Uniforms and Branding

Restaurant uniforms are a supplemental layer of branding that several restaurants cannot rule out.  Just like the design of the menu, the interior décor or a restaurant’s Facebook page, a restaurant’s uniforms for its workers speak a lot regarding customer’s anticipated experience, which happens to be a major part of branding.

Several other restaurants have workers uniforms that completely harmonise with the company’s branding. A clear example is the colour and design of the employees of Pizza Express. It falls safely in line with the feel of the restaurant, the co-ordination of the colour, the logo is emblazoned on the uniform and each worker wears a consistent outfit each and every time. 

A restaurant uniform need to be in line with a company’s image and brand as much as it possibly can. For casual locations, that might signify jeans, trousers and T-shirts rather than blouses with a collar. Similar to the way a person will put on a fitted suit, so also should a restaurant employee reflect the tone and atmosphere of a restaurant.
It is often true that a restaurant workers uniform can also be an indication of price. The more informal or casual the uniforms, the cheaper the menu and likewise, a highly structured uniform such as formal jackets, button-down shirts and ties can indicate more upscale prices.

The uniform of a restaurant can in addition indicate the commitment level of the workers. For instance, a cook in an open kitchen may put on double-breasted white chef’s coats when they produce their pizza with every care of a head chef at a fine dining set up. 

Types of Restaurant
In many ways, the type of uniform reflects the establishment that it appears in. In fast food restaurants, you will often see workers in brightly coloured, cheerful outfits. If these were worn in a high end restaurant, it may put off the customers. In very expensive restaurants, you would expect to find uniforms which are darker in tone and more conservative. The staff would rarely be wearing caps for example, such as they do in McDonald’s.
There are mid-range restaurants, such as Prezzo’s or La Tasca, which tend to try and favour the more traditional uniform, with less bright colours. Upper market restaurants such as Goodman or Hawksmoor take great pride in providing exceptional uniforms which are far less ‘in your face’ than low end chains. 
This is due to the shift in target market. A KFC appeals to younger individuals, whereas the higher you go, the market evolves into those with more money and specifically older people. 

Other vital role of the Uniform
Uniforms do not only have an effect on the customers. Having unique clothing for the job can get workers in the mood for the work they are doing, particularly if the uniform is properly made and flattering. Basically, it is like an actor putting on a particular costume.

More over, having a unique uniform builds a feeling of purpose and unity among the employees, just like a sports uniform would; and like a sports uniform, the customers can quickly see the distinction between other customers and the staff. In addition, diverse uniforms can also distinguish workers with unique duties like bar staff, waiters, or the maître d’.

What if the uniforms are not considered?
Several restaurants possess a loose uniform policy, such as requiring only trousers or tops in a special colour. Other establishments leave that completely to the workers themselves. Experts in the industry warn against letting workers have total control over what they put on when they go to work however. Workers in restaurants with no uniform could show up at work in unsuitable clothing or appearing sloppy; none of these is a message that a restaurant would like to send to their customers.   

Afterwards, a restaurant’s brand is inconsistent and at the mercy of the public judgement. For example, a top that exposes too much could be acceptable in certain establishments, but in most cases could be embarrassing for customers and unsuitable. 

It is never a choice of restaurants to make a decision whether or not a worker’s uniform has impact on the brand image of that restaurant. It happens no matter what. Restaurants can manage whether the message is of benefit or harmful to the restaurant, either by selecting flattering uniforms, which are in line with the image of the restaurant or by leaving uniforms as just an additional utility.


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