What are Safety Shoes & Boots and Who Needs Them?

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Safety Footwear can be assorted into a number of classifications, which we discuss below:

Safety BootsStandard Safety Boots
These are complete safety boots that comply with EU safety requirements and incorporate a range of safety qualities such as having steel toe-caps, steel midsoles, shock absorber heels etc. This diversity is appropriate for several uses and usually fit for workers in the building industry.

Rigger Boots
Rigger Boots have had an increase in appeal lately, undoubtedly since they offer several of the characteristics of a standard safety boot with the panache and user-friendliness of a wellington. They are stress-free to clean and deliver a cosy fit. They are mainly beneficial in places where cement and other irritations are close; cement dust can slide into safety boots and shoes and cause cement burn. The raised height of rigger boots offers improved defence to counter this. These are not suggested for welders or people occupied at a site where hot substances could fall into the top of the boot. 

Compound Safety Footwear
Compound safety boots make use of Kevlar and plastic material, instead of metal at the toe cap and mid sole parts, suggesting they are perfect for metal-free areas on top of having extra rewards. Compound toe caps are on a par with steel in terms of their strength and return to their original form if compacted, making it stress-free to take the foot out from the boot. Kevlar fabric at the mid-sole will safeguard and provide cover to all of the sole, while steel plates can’t defend right up to the edge of the foot – permitting about 20% exposure. Metal free and compound boots are lighter too, improving luxury for the wearer. 

Special Hazard Safety Boots
In this group, the footwear offers fortification against a broader variety of 'specialist' weaknesses than standard safety boots. Boots offering metatarsal safe-guarding have a steel plate across the topmost part of the boot to shield the foot from objects released from overhead. Also, there are safety shoes which offer protection against temperature excesses, such as for workers in cold store/ freezer surroundings, as well as heat retardant boots. Electrostatic boots are also involved here for those in construction and the assemblage of electrical modules. Selections for forestry employees and chainsaw operators are also accessible in this section.

Ladies Safety Footwear
This class of safety footwear includes an assortment of ladies safety footwear which provide a thinner fit and a more lady-like design than the other products listed. All footwear in this segment provide toe-cap and midsole protection, along with several additional features such as anti-slip and also anti-static soles, as well as shock absorber heels. 

Safety Shoes and Trainers
Safety trainers are a more casual style for those who prefer not to wear typical safety boots. The cosy and warm style of safety trainers make them perfect for tradesmen, delivery-drivers and are also a fashionable favourite for school and college goings-on as students who are fashion conscious are more inclined to wear them.

Safety Wellingtons
Wellingtons are perfect for those employed outdoors or in damp settings and are superior to the top-most spec leather boots when submerged in water. Safety wellingtons qualities are the toe-cap and midsole protection and are stress-free to clean and wear/ take off. We have a supply of thermal wellingtons that provides protection against low temperatures and offer a substitute to lace-up boots for cold store employees. Wellingtons that provide chemical resistance are also obtainable.


You can find a full range of safety boots, safety shoes and safety trainers on our site. For further information, do contact us.

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