Why Use Promotional Clothing?

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Advertising gifts are a powerful marketing tool, and perhaps one of the most affordable for small to medium companies, since advertising campaigns entails high investment and costs. In this sense, promotional gifts, and particularly clothing as an advertising gift, become an effective and highly accessible advertising tool. Here are four of the main reasons why you should be considering promotional gift campaigns very soon:

1. Gifts are not appreciated as advertising

There is a wide variety of promotional gifts, but apart from that, corporate gifts are not perceived as intrusive advertising. When giving this type of product, the recipient automatically thinks of your brand in a positive way and will be more likely to remember you.

2. High visibility at low cost

Promotional gifts have a very high impact and visibility because of their constant exposure. Technological gadgets, watches, mugs, clothing etc. … are usually visible in the eyes of your customers. The number of exposures is very high compared to other types of advertising campaigns and much more economical too.

3. Positioning in mind

Well over three-quarters of those people who received an advertising gift were able to remember the name of the advertiser company. What does this mean? That the advertising campaign with promotional gifts is a success because of its greater impact on the audience.

4. Custom Details that Increase Impact

Personalised marketing is a reality, not a trend. Is it true that we all like to be called by our name? Personalised marketing is the ideal answer to satisfy the requirements of customers and users. In the current market, it is no use to sell without any differentiation in the target. The customer asks for customised products and personalised services capable of satisfying their needs at all levels.


Introducing Clothing as your Promotional Gift

But what are promotional gifts and in particular, clothing as an advertising gift? These are objects and garments that are ordered in a certain number of units and that are offered to the customers of a certain brand, as a service to the trust given.

One of the advantages of clothing as an advertising gift is its low cost, which makes it possible to be acquired in a large number of units and reach a high number of people who become potential customers of the brand that is advertised in these gifts.

In this sense, promotional gifts and within them, clothing, play a not insignificant role: to contribute to the loyalty of customers with which a company already has. They feel their confidence is rewarded; they will be satisfied with the brand and will return to it for future acquisitions.


Brand Strengthening

Promotional clothing also allows the strengthening of a certain brand or business by increasing its presence. Strategic garments such as short-sleeved shirts in the summer months have a great impact and the visibility of particular brand increases since it is not a mechanism that is exhibited in public and private places.

As for advice for those companies that want to opt for garments as promotional gifts, it is interesting to take into account the moment of gift delivery. This is an opportunity to update the information of the company and enhance the close relationship with the client.

Lastly, it is interesting to note that promotional clothing also benefits the target audience that not only receives a detail of part of the advertiser brand but is presented with a useful gift. This is always more effective than other methods of marketing and advertising, such as brochures or advertisements.

Clothes as an advertising gift are a very interesting element to take into account by companies that want to grow their businesses. The advantages they provide are clear and the investment is minimal in relation to the benefits they are going to get.


Why Choose Clothes?

Personalised clothes are a promotional gift that never disappoints. They are consistently a great success for promotional campaigns for many reasons, including the following:

Promotional clothes are liked the world over: They are timeless items that can be used by everyone: men, women and children. They offer comfort, style and warmth. They also offer a pleasant feeling that will be associated with your brand or product.

Customised clothes for marketing campaigns: Clothing is a perfect option for promotional gifts aimed at attracting customers, but also ideal for customer loyalty or gift to employees as an incentive.

Clothing that guarantees visibility: Custom clothing gets used very often by the general public, which will ensure that your logo or brand is visible to a large number of people. At the same time, they are resistant, so their durability is guaranteed, especially if the chosen brands have a guaranteed quality.


Promotional Clothing Examples


These are perfect as a gift to employees. They are basic, economical and available in various colours and sizes, so they adapt to any circumstance. Just make sure that the name of the company appears in a tone that contrasts well with the colours of the garment so that it is well visible. These types of garments are also perfect to put a logo or a slogan for its wide display area, both on the front of the garment and on the reverse.


The epitome of cool, and suitable for a wide age range, the hoodie has particular appeal if you are trying to attract younger customers, as it is an eminently sporting item. If you want to promote a clothing store among a teen audience, it would be the perfect garment.

Zipped Sweatshirts:

Ideal to promote a business in a number of different events, these types of garments can be removed and put back on with ease. Perhaps more commonly associated with sport or leisure activities, this kind of promotional clothing will cause more people to want to carry it with them during exercise or hobbies.

Polo tops:

These types of garments are very suitable to give away in certain professional environments since they are elegant as well as practical. If you want to promote your business by offering these types of personalised sweatshirts in a golf competition, for example, you will triumph for sure.


The advantages of the hat as a promotional item are well-known: practical, affordable, models for all ages, for men and women, wide areas for brand marking, can be worn all year round in different varieties etc. The placement of the support in the human body is also an element to take into

account. The first thing we look at when we enter into conversation with someone is the face, and the hat, being in such close proximity to the face, will become an immediate message.

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