Women’s Workwear – What’s Available?

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Womens WorkwearClothing is an important decision to make you feel safe in your own skin, especially in the work place. Many women find it difficult to choose the right kind of workwear. Increasingly today, shops carry their own styles and trends and clothing ranges are updated constantly to attract customers and grow the industry. Women's workwear clothing is often a challenge and it takes time to shop for it. This helps the manufacturers increase interest and demand for the specific clothes – but makes life more difficult for those needing to choose.

A lot of historically masculine working roles are now equally distributed – however a lot of the time, fashion doesn’t seem to have caught up quickly enough. It is increasingly commen to see female plumbers, paineters & decorators, gardeners etc etc. Women’s cuts must be very different to men’s; otherwise they will be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. This applies to both shirts and trousers and so a good amount of attention must be paid to these distinct differences.

There are some sites and companies that offer clothes that are not readily available in high street shops, particularly workwear for trades. However, before buying these clothes, you should be very careful to first consider the brand and style that suits you. Also, check the clothing material. You should also check if delivery is free or not, as well as checking the shipping too to help you buy clothes online. 

If your dress code at work is business attire or more casual, work clothes for women need to transmit a professional yet comfortable look. Choose from a variety of modern designs, from elegant dresses to tailored suits and pick the one that you feel most natural in. Explore wrap dresses, blazers, trousers and skirts, in elegant neutral colours like navy, grey and black. Discover a wealth of workwear to help you complete your look, like leggings, tank tops, button-down shirts, blouses, cardigans, sweaters, jackets and elegant coats. Even in places where the atmosphere is less formal, you should choose clothing that fits you well, has a decent cut and quality fabrics.

For both men and women, to dress properly, presentably and in a formal way at work, is a complicated matter. It is a little more so for women, because they also have to pay attention to hair, makeup and even their shoes. Therefore, the image is important and how it is projected by women in their workwear. 

If you work in an office where the atmosphere is very formal, follow these tips:
•    A dark black or blue skirt slightly longer than knee length.
•    Black trousers, navy or grey.
•    Sweater, smooth, closed or open.
•    A classic white shirt.
•    Discreet stripes or chequered pattern blouses; without exaggerated colours.
•    A suit with trousers.
•    Bag or jacket to your needs.
•    Discreet accessories.

Whether women are searching for casual workwear like an adventure park, or that of a corporate environment such as an office, a fair amount of attention must be made to the decision. There are numerous products out there on the market to select from, that cater for all needs and requirements. This could be Ladyfit or Softstyle t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies or fleeces by Regatta or Henley for those jobs that require a more informal image. 

For more formal ranges, a large selection of short or long sleeve shirts and blouses from brands such as Russell Workwear and Premier. These can be found perfectly tailored to fit the woman’s body. This kind of employment would suit waitresses, airline stewardesses, teachers or office workers.


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