Workwear for the Trades

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The essential workwear items every tradesman needs

Hi Vis WorkwearWhether it is durability, functionality or just keeping yourself safe, the need for the right footwear, clothing and PPE is very important. A complete solution is required by the tradesmen offering affordable workwear that has maximum functionality without compromising on the quality. 

Workwear for tradespeople should be tough, long lasting and it should have many pockets. Whether you need work trousers, jumper, tool belt or polo, you will need to choose according to your role. The following are some of the important elements which make up the workwear of a tradesman.

Safety Footwear:
Here are some of the important features of a good safety boot:
•    Midsole made of protective steel
•    Steel toe cap
•    Leather upper and padded collar
•    Fully molded & removable insole
•    Wade fitting
•    Shock absorbent, double density PU sole

Work Trousers:
The work trousers that you should have must be versatile and combine durability, style and practicality. The important features which must be present in a work trouser are multiple pockets including the foldaway holster pocket and the front cargo pocket so that you can keep the essential tools closer to hands.

Hi-Visibility Jackets:
High visibility jackets will give you comfortable fleece quilted lining for additional warmth and will be made with waterproof stitching and have taped seams in order to make sure that you are dry and warm. And, of course, they provide immeasurable safety benefits.

Lightweight, versatile and warm, the microfleece is great for layering and comfortable throughout the year. Because of having minimal bulk, it is ideal as a mid-layer under the jacket for the colder months. It has a high collar in order to make sure that the wind doesn’t bother you and it is light enough to act as a top layer without causing overheating in warmer conditions.

Work Shorts:
Work shorts are stylish, fashionable and comfortable. They are made from heavyweight polycotton and has Teflon® strain resistant finishing. They have multiple pockets. They are great for keeping you comfortable and cool on the warmer days. 

Nitrile Gloves:
The nitrile coating provides excellent grip and abrasion resistance in oily and wet conditions and the coating is water resistant which makes sure that your hands are dry during work. Comfortable protection is provided by seamless construction. The gloves have a high level of mechanical strength meaning that the gloves won’t tear in the tougher environments.

Body Warmers/Gilets:
Gilets give you an extra thick layer in order to keep you comfortable, warm and in order to help you beat the chill. They are good for both being waterproof and windproof and are great for all tradesmen.

Work Jackets:
Go for the jackets with the micro fleece lining and the heavy weight Teflon® polycotton that is strain resistant. The additional features in the jackets should include internal pockets and breast pockets making it a great work jacket.

Safety Helmets:
One of the most important elements on construction sites is the safety helmet. They save lives and they are used in many industries on a daily basis. Generally the workers have to wear them for full working days. Therefore buying the correct helmet is very important.
You can use safety helmets with the attachable ear defenders and face visors for added protection. In case you are working outdoors or in the cold, then you can also get thermal hoods. The safety helmets must comply with the safety standard EN397 and they should also have excellent impact resistance. Safety helmets are usually available in different colours too.

Safety Glasses:
The safety glasses are used in order to provide protection to the eyes as a form of Eye PPE. Safety Glasses are used in almost every industry. They provide protection from different hazards, flying debris, chemicals alongside many others. 

Foam Earplugs:
The disposable foam ear plugs are very popular and they have uses in many industries. They are used for working in low levels of noise for longer time periods and for working in areas with high noise levels. We even have earplugs that can help people put up with snoring.
There are many sizes, colours and shapes of ear plug in order to make sure that they fit the ear canals of different people.

Dust Masks:
Disposable dust masks are a widely used PPE item. Dust masks are used in many industries for everyday tasks. Disposable masks are offered by safety supplies at really good prices.


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