Workwear to keep you warm this Winter

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Winter workwear to keep you warm

Fleeces, Hoodies & Jackets

Parka Work Jacket

You shouldn’t let a cold front or a coating of snow put you off going to work. It’s all about knowing how to wrap up properly in the correct workwear to keep you warm at winter.

The key word is insulation, or trapping your body’s natural warmth between layers of clothes. Freezing temperatures can affect the way we work, even indoors if you work in large spaces that aren’t always heated properly. The cold can affect the way our bodies work too. Our joints become stiffer and less flexible. We become more prone to aches and sprains because joints aren’t as supple. With the correct types of workwear, this risk can be avoided easily and quickly.

One of the best ways to keep warm is to wear multiple but thin layers. This is because if you ever start to feel too hot as a result of the layers, you can always take one or two off to cool down again. Feeling too hot can have just as negative consequences as the cold for a person at work, so learn how to read the signs of your body being at either extreme.

A good start would be a workwear thermal vest. Polyester is great for holding in warmth, so try and look out for this material with your work clothes. Having workwear that is more of a tighter fit will help insulation more than if it is looser too. This small factor can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel at work.

On top of the vest, you could choose a jumper, sweatshirt or hooded sweatshirt. Some varieties have wind proof lining and are knitted with ribs to maximise insulation. This type of design is intended for the coldest months and should ensure you keep warm at work. A hoodie is perfect if you need to spend sometime outdoors, as it provides an extra layer of protection to your head and ears.

Lastly, you could opt for a thick zipped fleece jacket and depending on the temperature, you could have a heavy jacket or parka too. These come in a variety of styles and if you are working outside, then it’s recommended to have a waterproof jacket of some kind.

To accompany these layers, don’t forget to wear a hat, gloves and scarf when out in chilling conditions, as this protects those areas of our body that lose heat the quickest and so need extra attention.

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